Mindset Coaching

Practicing a Mindset Plan is a powerful way to grow and progress. The idea is to create a plan that an athlete can assimilate into his/her daily life. The plan has to stick to work. I spend considerable time researching, testing, and modifying a Mindset Plan to find what resonates with each athlete. My strongest skills are meeting athletes where they are, communicating, researching, giving feedback, educating, and creatively facilitating positive changes.

For a Mindset Plan to work, the athlete needs to ask for my services. It is important for the athlete to take charge of his/her Mindset and this is the first step. The client sets the pace and programs are unique to each individual but most typically include:

  • *Initial interview and assessment (~1 hour)
  • *Research, educate, communicate through emails, and develop an individual Mindset Plan (2-4 hours)
  • *Meet again to try out the Mindset Plan and make modifications (~1 hour)
  • *After the athlete practices the plan over 3-7 days, meet again to practice and possibly modify (~1 hour)
  • *Receive a laminated card of the Mindset Plan
  • *Two tuneups to reinforce using the laminated Mindset Plan (10-15 minutes each)

After the initial program, athletes can continue to work with the plan on their own. However if additional assistance or tuning is desired followup sessions can be scheduled.