My Journey

Health, nutrition, and physical fitness are important ingredients in the recipe for a mental edge. As a former competitive long distance runner and a present day health enthusiast, I value the mental and physiological health benefits of movement and wise food choices. When an athlete practices a healthy Mindset Plan including exercise and nutrition, s/he begins to notice small positive changes. I meet each athlete where s/he is. It is not about green smoothies and being a gym rat. It is about being healthy so the athlete has the mental strength and physiological endurance to reach his/her Mindset Plan goals.

Many of the techniques I teach, I use myself. As a person living with Crohn's and Lupus I experience pain on a daily basis. Medically I cannot take over the counter pain medications. Breathing and Visualization techniques help in dealing with pain. When I feel physical stress in my body I use Progressive Relaxation. Breathing and Visualization are also very effective when getting invasive medical procedures. When I am under pressure I figure I can say either, "This stinks. What am I going to do?" or "I can do this. Stay calm." I have the power to choose my Mindset...and so does everyone else.


Kaminski Archery